Repentance movie Nasoohi

Repentance Nasoohi film is directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf. Produced by the country's production in 1361.
Lotf Ali Khan, who is a bank employee dies from a heart attack, but when you get buried alive and rises. او در اثر این اتفاق به این فکر می‌افتد که از افرادی که می‌شناسد حلالیت بگیرد غافل از اینکه مسیر سختی پیش رو دارد…

"Repent Nasoohi" that made the film Beginners after the revolution in its time became one of the most popular films. Copy it over in mosques, public halls, schools and even exhibited the battlefield and on the basis that in those days hardly anyone who has not seen this movie.
Faraj, a…Thanks Ali Khan plays the role of a warrior. Muhammad businessman, B. Behzadpur, Muhammad Ali friend, Mariam Mehdi Rafsanjani Kaghzchy and other actors' Nasoohi those "who have a role in the film alongside Warrior.
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